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My Grimoire

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Approach to Spellcraft
  3. Chaos Magick
  4. Spirit Work
  5. The Dark Mother
  6. Alphabet of Desire
  7. Divination
  8. Tarot
  9. Pendulum
  10. Geomancy
  11. Osteomancy
  12. Scrying
  13. Bibliomancy
  14. Automatic Writing
  15. Trance
  16. Gnosis
  17. Auras
  18. Correspondences
  19. Magickal Waters


This is where I'm compiling all of my notes, accumulated over more than a decade of study and practice. I am attempting to answer one question: How does the IRL magic system work?
Since the desire to share this information on never really impressed itself on me til recently, I never did a very good job of keeping my source material. If I can remember a source for something, I'll provide it in the bibliography. If you need any information on my resources, or for access to my ebook library, get in touch.
When I do a working, it's one of two varieties. Either it's a powerful traditional magick which must be conducted perfectly, instructions to be followed to the letter; Alternatively, it may be that it's a bunch of correspondences put together because I happened to have the right herbs in the kitchen at the time. I tend to fall on the side of DIY witchcraft more often than following the beaten path, but I will specify where any caveats or special attention is to be paid to certain aspects of a working.

On Risks

Genie rules apply. It is absolutely imperative that you think through your intention, looking for loopholes or room for misunderstanding, envisioning potential backfire scenarios. There are workings I have decided against casting because I simply could not accept the risks. Having the wisdom to recognise when not to use magic at all is in itself powerful, and in time I believe all occultists should be able to see those situations when they arise.
I advocate for an abundance of caution, but not to become paranoid. Just don't mess with anything you aren't fully confident in your command over. As the saying goes, "Do not summon up that which you cannot put down."

Approach to Spellcraft

Of the two main categories I mentioned, little time will be spent here on the first. There are a lot of writers doing a better job of that than I could hope to.
I aim to convey here my approach to working from scratch, you'll need to understand a few principles and from there, you'll never need a spellbook again as long as you live.

Anatomy of a Spell

Imagine I want money and I've decided I'll use magic to get it. First I consider backfire potential. I want to make sure it doesn't come by way of a sudden inheritance. I also understand that magic takes the path of least resistance. Look for points of weakness in the fixedness of things. Apply leverage in the right places. You wouldn't bother trying to beguile a boss into giving you your dream job despite you not applying for it, but you can certainly use magic in other ways to the same end.
Perhaps I apply for a specific job and concentrate my working on securing it. Maybe the other applicant gets hit by a bus, but I likely won't ever hear about it, so I decide to accept the risk.
I might add an invisible sigil to my resume to boost my chances of getting an interview. Ahead of an interview, I might meditate and do a yoga flow to boost my mood and confidence. Of course there are a million and one other things. You could pray, make an offering, or some other devotional act to any number of entities. You could create a charm, or hex the other candidates! (please don't)
Try not to fall into the trap of overcomplicating your working. The more moving parts, the more room for something to go wrong.

Sprit Work

The Dark Mother

Who is the dark mother?

First Contact
She revealed herself to me in visions, showed me her colours (purple, pink, red, and black) and a symbol. She showed me some art, which I will attempt to create per her instructions. She showed me that she had followers before, a coven of witches on the internet, and that she is associated with cyber witchcraft for that reason. She invited me to work with her and I used this tarot spread to try to understand her and find out what she would ask of me.

A tarot spread designed to facilitate insight into The Dark Mother.

What does The Dark Mother offer me? The Chariot Drive, ambition, getting things done, an accelleration.
What does The Dark Mother hope to get from me? The Sun Self expression, freedom, joy, and truth.
What is hidden about The Dark Mother's nature? Wheel of Fortune karma, life cycles, a turning point.
What do I offer? Queen of Cups, reversed Trauma and inner wounds that require healing
What do I stand to gain? Knight of Pentacles, reversed Could possibly be something to be ameliorated? I don't know here. It will probably make itself known soon..
What is hidden about me? Two of Pentacles, reversed I am struggling financially, traumatised by infidelity, and overcommitted. Shouldn't have asked...

Automatic writing session 20221029 01:08

I invite The Dark Mother to whisper to me that I may make note of her words.
Daughter, I speak unto you in the voice of witches past... (my mind wanders, regarding the use of daughter but I redirect).
Wisdom. (interruption) Enchantress. (interruption) [let's get into the zone, let's get music on, breathe, reach out with my mind, attempt trance!] (chanting, perhaps) Dark mother I invoke thee to whisper thy message unto me, that I may note your words, I am attempting to open myself to your message, dimly lit in wells and cellars, cold, damp, castle. I relax and my head turns to my right. I open my eyes, startled. Return to breath. I feel a pull to look to my right. looking left feels wrong and slightly unnerving. I think of tentacles. Eldritch beasts. What it means I know not. Horror? Art is a domain of the dark mother, as is the written word, The Dark Mother is mother to all artists and all those who partake of creation. it is divine. Peaches are her favourite, I am seeing peaches and other stonefruit. The seed. The seed is sacred to the dark mother. the dark mother accepts all aborted seeds to be tended in her garden. The dark mother takes the souls of children unto her should the child die. Children's ghosts can be brought to The Dark Mother and she will raise them lovingly. (Do they become the beasts mother?) No child, they grow up, they move on, they live lives on the spirit realm. The Dark Mother is capable of traversing the cusp of life and death. (Do you use this power at the behest of your children, mother?) Perhaps. It remains to be seen. I work in the best interests of my children. A mother wants what's best and is often wiser - [I am beset by maternal trauma] Do not be afraid child, a daughter of mine is cherished, a daughter of mine is taught, (do your daughters retain their agency, mother?) i see images of celestial beings, I understand that they do and that I am being invited to join them. I wish to learn more before I pledge myself. God or not, a wise woman never commits to more than she understands. And with this you have learned your first lesson from the crone. Well done child.
Shall we stop here or continue? I can brew tea, and sit in commune with Her when I so choose to visit with Her again. Thank you. You're welcome. Get some sleep. Much to do tomorrow.

Alphabet of Desire

An alphabet of desire is a personalised magickal alphabet. Each letter represents a feeling and tied to a sense memory. The letters when used to "spell" out the desire will bring it into existence.
Creating an alphabet of desire is a long process involving hours of meditation. It will develop over decades and can contain hundreds of symbols, or can be the regular latin alphabet with each letter standing in for a particular sensation.
I use the latin alphabet so that I can speak the resulting letters aloud as nonsense words for verbal spellcasting, or fingerspell to cast.

Automatic Writing

A process by which a person my commune with their subconscious and/or beings in other planes. Detailed guide to come.
What follows is an automatic writing session conducted 24th April 2022, which reveals that my subconscious is ...horny for fungi?

Release expectations. You don't need to have a mind. The mind is a trapping of this materialist universe that you only eixst in passing thorugh.
This is not all there iss and soon will fade. You belong in a world of light and colours brighter than you feel and see currently. That is home for the soul all share on this plane as it splinters and fragments itself to experience other realities and ways of living. We live in an ether.
A planet that doesn't seem like a planet. Aliens are part of us and we are part of them. Everyone coming from the same seed and growing into new shapes to die and fade and be born anew elsewhere.
Please believe this is not all there is. We are one and we are waiting and longing for home but home is here in us and in you. You are an organ of a larger being.
You are a sensory organ with which we taste and feel and smell and belong and feel more intangibly. Shifting and swirling and melting into one another in the ether in space is what we are meant to do.
As we do here on earth when we mingle and touch. Sex is just a part of this. Sex is the closest a human can feel to existing as an entity beyond the physical though the fungi have a better grasp. They know more than you do.
Please remember how it felt when you were home like the fungi. WE were alll surrounded on all sides with no disrincction between you and me, all one. All pieces. Sadness and pain are necessary. Homesickness, necessary. This is how we are learning.
You are a small part and huge.


Red Material, Attracts money easily. Enthusiastic.
Blue Spiritual, balanced, relaxed. Communicators, singers, intelligent, intuitive healers.
Indigo Psychic, intuitive, empathetic, sensitive.
Rainbow Healer, medium.
Purple Spiritual, creative, artistic, philosophical, scholarly, in tune with nature, psychic.
Yellow Analytical, intelligent, perceptive, scientists, decisive.
Pink Loving, giving, family oriented, psychic, writers, peacekeepers.
Green Hard working, creative, stable, practical, generous.
Orange Kind, honest, short fuse, confident.
White Sensitive, intuitive, psychic, spiritual, lucky.
Gold Love attention, beauty, attractive, good listeners.
Brown Lack of confidence, selfish, deceptive.
Black Depression, hatred, negativity.

One can have more than one aura colour. Auras can change in colour, shade, intensity, and size. Some people's auras never change.


Moon Phase Correspondences:

New Moon Active energy. The time to set intentions and develop plans.
Waxing Moon Passive energy. Time for rest and focus.
First Quarter Moon Active energy. Taking action and setting plans in motion
Waxing Gibbous Moon Passive energy. A time to hold faith and trust the process.
Full Moon Active energy. Revealing, acknowledging
Waning Gibbous Moon Passive energy. Recieving and showing gratitude.
Last Quarter Moon Active energy. Returning and giving thanks.
Waning Crescent Moon Passive energy. Reflecting, resting, and restoring.

Common Botanical Correspondences

Basil Love, banishing, wealth, sympathy, protection, clarity
Thyme Loyalty, affection, strength, courage, banishing, cleansing, healing, luck, restful sleep, warding off nightmares
Bay Protection, divination
Garlic Healing, protection from evil
Rosemary Wards off Evil Eye, divination
Allspice Prosperity, luck, healing, energy
Chamomile Relaxation, peace, sleep, love, healing, luck, removing curses
Chili powder Love, fidelity, cursing, removing curses
Cinnamon Success, healing, protection, power, love, luck, strength
Clove Protection, love, prosperity, banishing, friendship, stopping gossip
Cumin Love, fidelity, protection, banishing, preventing theft
Dill Prosperity, protection, luck, lust
Ginger Sensuality, sexuality, confidence, prosperity, health, protection, new experiences, and adventures
Marjoram Cleansing, protection, love, wealth, prophetic dreams, overcoming sadness and grief
Nutmeg Prosperity, luck, protection, intellect, removing curses
Oregano Happiness, strength, energy, vitality
Rosemary Healing, love, lust, memory, dispelling negativity, wards off nightmares
Sage Cleansing, wisdom, healing, dispelling negativity, wishes, overcoming grief
Sea salt Cleansing, banishing, protection

Magickal Waters

Rain water: Makes any spell more potent. Useful in peace spells, quelling anger, relaxation, and dream magick.
Storm water: Protective or offensive. Use it to wash doors to protect against hexes, or wash tools to amplify their power. Add nails and allow to rust to amplify it. Best collected on a waxing gibbous moon.
Swamp water: Binding, hexing, and cloaking. Use to cause illness. Annoint yourself, to make yourself unnoticeable to others. Collect on the dark moon (second new moon of the month).
Marsh water: Similar to swamp but better suited to cloaking. Can also be used to cleanse negative energy. Collect on a waning crescent moon.
Hail water: Melted hail stones. Used for protection or hexing. Similar to storm water but more aggressive. Use when you want to break someone, or cause physical harm. Strongest if collected on a full moon.
Sea water: Use in hexing or workings involving the psyche.
Lake water: For works concerning emotions, love, memories, or past life regressions. Collect on a waxing moon.
Pond water: For binding, to limit someone's horizons. A flower vase with pond water at the table will prevent eavesdroppers. Collect on the dark moon.
Dew: Powerful glamours for beauty and youth. Use in love potions. Collect at sunrise during a waxing or full moon.

Salt water: Salt + water. Cleansing and protection.
Sun water: Bask any water in the sun for a full day.
Moon water: Adds potency to any spell. Bask any water under full moon light all night.

Tobacco water: Steep tobacco into water for a week in the fridge. When strained, mix with vodka (100proof), about 1.5 parts water to 1 part vodka. Use it to cleanse or to offer to spirits. Can be used to cause addiction.
Saffron water: Steep saffron in water and mix 1:1 with vodka. Sprinkle in the air to raise winds, or rub on your lips and whistle to raise storms.
Rose water: For love, glamours, and beauty. Steep fresh rose petals in vodka for 4 weeks, then extract the liquid from the petals by pressing them until they lose their colour. Cut with 0.5 parts water.
Orange blossom water: Use of joy, beauty, cleansing, and sunshine. Prepare as rose water.
Lilac water: Use for sleep, dream magick, spirit work, and cleansing. Prepare as the other floral waters.
Apple blossom water: For protection, love, and beauty. As others.
Holly water: To protect your family. Pricks at intruders or unwelcome guests. Steep leaves in water and cut with vodka. WARNING: HIGHLY POISONOUS.

Astrological Moon Waters:

Moon water collected under the full moon in a certain sign contains properties of that sign's energy.
Aries: Youth, energy, passion.
Taurus: Pleasure, material gain.
Gemini: Communication.
Cancer: Fertility.
Leo: Beauty, confidence.
Virgo: Glamours.
Libra: Balance, justice.
Scorpio: Fidelity, mysticism, hexing.
Sagittarius: Luck, academia.
Capricorn: Career, money.
Aquarius: Travel, intellect.
Pisces: Dreams.

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